Program Guidelines

  1.  Includes coursework in the three core disciplines of Robotics Engineering: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.
  2. Includes a course in which the core disciplines are integrated in the design of robotic systems. These course(s) should cover most of the following topics:
    • Sensing
    • Actuation
    • Manipulation
    • Planning
    • Kinematics
    • Control
  3. Includes a substantial amount of project work which involves designing, building, and testing real world robots.
  4. Is accredited or is part of a University with accredited engineering programs and is actively seeking program accreditation.
  5. Has at least 50 enrolled students.

Material Required to Begin Application

  1. Resumes for founding members who will serve as initial officers which include the following:
    • GPA
    • Robotics related courses
    • Any robotics experience including work experience, class projects and personal projects
  2. The endorsement of the head of the program stating that in his opinion:
    • The program in question is in line with the goals and vision of Rho Beta Epsilon (Constitution Article II)
    • The student founders represent exemplary students in their program
  3. The endorsement of a Faculty Advisor stating:
    • His/Her willingness to take an active role in guiding and supporting the local chapter
    • In his/her opinion the student founders represent exemplary students in their program
  4. Documentation showing the program meets the goals and vision of Rho Beta Epsilon. It is recommended this covers the above program guidelines as well as any additional Robotics related activities held by the program in question.

Material Required to Approve Chapter

  1. Local Bylaws which include:
  2. A Rho Beta Epsilon Plan
    • All chapters are required to document and execute their plan to enable the advancement of the robotics engineering community within their institution. (Constitution Article V Section 3)